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The KubeCon Amsterdam Warm-Up

Virtual. Free. 100% Open Source.

March 29-30, 2023

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Crash Courses on Cloud Native Tech

Multi-Cluster Deployments at Scale

Virtual. Free. 100% Open Source.

October 18, 2023
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KubeCrash, the Chicago Warm-up
This KubeCrash will dive deep into multi-cluster deployments at enterprise scale, using a single stateful demo app throughout the presentations. We’ll tie clusters into a single network (Linkerd), allow for automated cluster-wide certificate hierarchies (cert-manager), enable cost-effective cross-cluster communications (Emissary-Ingress), and set up Kubernetes guardrails to avoid misconfiguration-based app failure (Polaris), all while using a distributed database to ensure surviving failures of individual pieces (CockroachDB). Then, we'll move the stateful app from one cloud to another while achieving high availability and latency reduction in a multi-cloud setup. In short, we'll cover everything enterprise users need to know to get the most out of cooperative multi-cluster deployments, while keeping a handle on operational complexity and cost.

Join us to get practical advice from project maintainers on how to implement a cooperative multi-cluster deployment with open source tools, and hear from practitioners who'll share pitfalls and lessons learned. Look also forward to several lighting talks on various CNCF initiatives and why they matter, including the CNCF Deaf and Hard of Hearing Working Group and CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Sustainability.

Partners for Good
Why not do good while learning about cloud native tech? KubeCrash organizers are teaming up to raise money for Deaf Kids Code. We'll donate $1 for each KubeCrash registration to the non-profit. 

The risk of under- or unemployment of deaf and hard of hearing individuals is significantly higher than for hearing adults — a discrepancy that is purely based on communication barriers. Today, computing has become a bridge, providing a streamlined way to interact, creating lots of new opportunities. Deaf Kids Code's goal is to promote, inspire, and empower deaf and hard of hearing children to innovate through the world of programming. A wonderful initiative that pursues very similar goals to the CNCF Deaf and Hard of Hearing Working Group which was initiated by one of the KubeCrash co-founders.

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Confirmed Speakers

Sean Schneeweiß

Software Engineer, Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation


Destiny O'Connor

CNCF Deaf & Hard of Hearing Working Group


Sabine Wolz

Senior Product Manager, Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation


Eddie Wassef

VP, Chief Architect, Vonage by Ericsson


Rob Koch

Principal, Slalom Build; chair CNCF Deaf & Hard of Hearing WG


Kasper Nissen

Lead Platform Architect, Lunar


Abby Bangser

CNCF Platforms Working Group Lead, Syntasso


Andy Suderman

Creator and Maintainer of Goldilocks, Fairwinds


Colin Griffin

CNCF Platforms Working Group Lead, Krumware


Dave Sudia

Director of Developer Relations, Ambassador Labs


Dinesh Majrekar

CTO, Civo



Technical Evangelist, Buoyant


Leo Pahlke

CNCF TAG for Environmental Sustainability Co-Chair, Liquid Reply


Rob Reid

Technical Evangelist, Author, Cockroach Labs


Stevie Caldwell

Creator of GoNoGo, Fairwinds


Tim Ramlot

Cert-manager maintainer, Venafi


Program co-chairs and hosts

Lisa-Marie Namphy

CNCF Ambassador


Danielle Cook

Co-chair CNCF Cartografos Group, Fairwinds